Café on Jupiter

Making our way out of a solar storm that directed our route, we finally come to a stop. Dizzy and unable to lose the sense of vertigo, I step off the shuttle and find myself on the west end of Nephos station, located near the north pole of Jupiter. Nephos is a lot like most… Continue reading Café on Jupiter

Coffee Seas

With every sip and every cup, A world of variety, shown with every note. Nuts, fruit, chocolate, and wine, Every cup is like a brewed surprise. From the mountain fields grows the dearly beloved, A sea of green that grows a sea of red, A sea of red that hides the seeds of the sower.… Continue reading Coffee Seas

A Rushed Morning

From deep slumber awakes the morning man, To his phone that silently waits, Sent to him is a message for clarity, Messaged received, he knows what’s next. Undressed, unkempt, the sun welcomes the man, Undeterred by a late start, there’s still time, Tip tap the man types, Work has begun. Something is amiss, The man… Continue reading A Rushed Morning

The Afternoon

Bathed in orange light, you finally get to rest in your living room. You completed today’s work, you enjoyed your dinner, and the sun joins you in rest. You pick up the book you’ve been reading for a while but realize that you forgot something crucial, your afternoon coffee. Closing your book and putting it… Continue reading The Afternoon

What is a Coffee Journal?

There’s no one definition for a “coffee journal.” It’s any journal that has writing or documentation about coffee. When I first got into making coffee at home, I kept a journal documenting every single cup of coffee that I made for several months. I would write down the step-by-step process of making each cup, what… Continue reading What is a Coffee Journal?


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