How Decaffeinated Coffee is Made

Decaf coffee is made by taking the caffeine out of the beans. Bam, boom, done! I did it! But seriously, how do they take the caffeine out of the beans? History of the decaffeination process The first process of decaffeination is credited to German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius. Ludwig was the founder of the coffee… Continue reading How Decaffeinated Coffee is Made

What I believe Makes a Coffee Shop Great

Since 2017, I’ve visited over 100 coffee shops across multiple countries, states, and cities. Big shops, little shops, shops that roasted their own beans, shops where they didn’t speak English, shops that know me by name, and shops that wanted nothing to do with me. Coffee shops come in many shapes, sizes, and they all… Continue reading What I believe Makes a Coffee Shop Great

How I got into coffee & the shops that left an early mark

When I think back to when I got into coffee, I wish I could’ve gotten into it sooner! I’m a product of my environment, meaning that the interactions that I have with people and things around me will impact me greatly. Moving to the Dallas area during my freshman year in university, where I was… Continue reading How I got into coffee & the shops that left an early mark

A Sonnet to the Fear of Homemade Espresso

Grounding, compressing, and coming to being, You are so precious yet make me so nervous, Twisting and turning and pausing my breathing, Please oh please extract to serve us, Loudly and soundly my machine will begin, Extraction and timing and with much endeavor, Coming together I start to grin, The dial goes up but stops… Continue reading A Sonnet to the Fear of Homemade Espresso

What is ‘coffee’?

As coffee culture worldwide changes and people become more appreciative of coffee, it’s still important to showcase what coffee is as well as where it comes from for those who may have questions. While coffee comes in bean form, many people don’t know where the beans come from, or for that matter, that they come… Continue reading What is ‘coffee’?