A Rushed Morning

From deep slumber awakes the morning man,
To his phone that silently waits,
Sent to him is a message for clarity,
Messaged received, he knows what’s next.

Undressed, unkempt, the sun welcomes the man,
Undeterred by a late start, there’s still time,
Tip tap the man types,
Work has begun.

Something is amiss,
The man is missing what is essential,
The thing that always gets his day moving,
His morning companion has not been crafted.

With steady hands, the man starts the morning ritual,
Without stress, the man moves for beans and water,
With great force, the man grinds his beans by hand,
With even greater elegance, he gently pours his water.

With his morning companion in hand, the man is ready,
Ready to get his day moving with the first sip of life,
Life that is given by a simple drink,
A drink that makes the man joyful about a rushed morning.

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