The Afternoon

Bathed in orange light, you finally get to rest in your living room. You completed today’s work, you enjoyed your dinner, and the sun joins you in rest. You pick up the book you’ve been reading for a while but realize that you forgot something crucial, your afternoon coffee.

Closing your book and putting it back down on your end table, you make your way to the kitchen to begin the caffeine ritual. While your kettle heats your water, you measure your beans then start grinding. Twisting and turning, you grind your beans with your hand grinder over and over and over. Your water is ready, and your beans are grounded. You place your server on the scale and your v60 on top with a filter wet. Cracking open your grinder, you pour the grounds into the filter and level them out. Now is when the magic happens.

You begin your first pour and witness as the gases escape in the form of bubbles in your watery soup of grounds. Your first pour becomes a beautiful bloom. As you start your second pour slowly, you watch as the water tears open your coffee bloom and release more trapped gases from the grounds. The gases escape like seeds leaving a flower. A few seconds pass, and you start the third movement, the final pour. Slowly like the former, you pour the last grams of water into the coffee bed and watch as the grounds rise, and then let gravity do the rest.

Drip drop goes the coffee as it exits the filter and enters your server. The seconds begin to creep, and slowly the drip and drop become a stop. Your afternoon coffee is ready to be served.

You grab an empty cup and place it next to your server. As you lift your server, you start to pour your afternoon coffee into your cup, ready for you to sip. With your cup in hand, you return to the living room where your book lays closed on your end table. As you sit down, you take your first sip and embrace the warmth and the taste it brings you. You pick up your book again and open it back up with your afternoon coffee in hand.

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