What is a Coffee Journal?

There’s no one definition for a “coffee journal.” It’s any journal that has writing or documentation about coffee. When I first got into making coffee at home, I kept a journal documenting every single cup of coffee that I made for several months. I would write down the step-by-step process of making each cup, what beans I was using, grind size, brew method, and sometimes even the water source. Along with documenting the cups of coffee that I made, I also wrote about coffee roasters. I made coffee journaling a part of my routine every day until I slowly just stopped doing it. Because I started with just an AeroPress, all of my journal entries began to look the same, copy and pasted every day with some changes to the roaster names. I no longer saw a point in keeping a coffee journal.

As my journey into craft coffee continued, I found myself in situations where I wish I could’ve documented a good cup of coffee that I drank, like when I spent $40 on a cup of geisha coffee or when I visited a cool coffee shop while traveling. There have been times when I learned something interesting about coffee through an Instagram post or from a YouTube video that I wish I wrote down. I had many opportunities to document stuff that I learned, but I passed them all until recently.

Learning More About Coffee Roasters

Recently I’ve been keeping an eye on a lot of coffee roasters that I follow on Instagram. Some of the content that they post is amazing, inspiring, unique, funny, and relatable. Many coffee roasters excel at personal branding. Whenever I buy a bag of coffee from a roaster that I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll do some research on their origins, their goals, and what makes them unique. Whenever I finish a bag of coffee, I write a summary of my overall experience and include the backstory of the roaster in my coffee journal.

The Stained Table

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that there wasn’t a single definition for what a coffee journal is. You could say that this blog could be a coffee journal when you think about it. I write anything and everything related to coffee, whether it’s personal stories, coffee thoughts, research papers, and even poetry. It’s all writing that’s related to coffee.

Coffee journaling is a lot of fun. If the idea of writing about your experiences with coffee has ever crossed your mind, why not give it a shot? You might look back and see how much a beverage like coffee becomes a part of your life.

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