Aidan’s Coffee Testimonial

At this point, you already know a few things about Aidan and how he got me into coffee, but how did his coffee journey begin? This is what he has to say.

I had craft coffee for the first time on a chilly Sunday morning in December. I was with my best friend, driving to church. We stopped at Roots Coffeehouse in Flower Mound, Texas and I ordered a Cuban Latte. I still remember sitting on a bench outside and sipping that molasses-y cup of coffee like it was yesterday.

Then, I barely thought about coffee for almost four years. I went into shops here and there to study, but they were always just a means to an end, a stop along the way to different places. Freshman year of college, I got a text that would change my life.

“Hey man, I’m getting some new coffee gear, you want my old stuff?”

The same man who had introduced me to craft coffee years before now worked at a craft coffee shop and was giving me a free ticket to a new world. I would have been stupid not to take it. So, I did. I had a small coffee grinder, a pour-over, a food scale, and a water heater (built in the ’40s and probably a fire hazard) that I borrowed from my mom. And I got to work.

I tend to throw myself fully into new hobbies and projects that I have, and so that’s exactly what I did. I got lots of new gear, new grinders, scales, brewing devices, and kettles. I wanted to truly understand how to make the perfect cup of coffee. I learned the science behind it, tried new recipes, and learned a LOT. However, I was truly missing one incredibly important aspect of what coffee truly is. I was missing people.

There is an undeniable power in the fellowship of sharing a cup of coffee with someone. From sharing a morning cup with people in my dorm to talking to baristas about exactly what makes a good pour-over, to attending latte art throwdowns far too late at night, I became a coffee person, because craft coffee has that power. I did not get into craft coffee because I like coffee, I did because I like people. That’s why I accepted the old grinder and scale from my friend, why I make a cup of coffee every day, why I high five baristas, why I spend hours making coffee for friends. That’s why I love coffee.

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