The Morning

A blue light shines in your dark room as a light-hearted yet painful melody rings from your phone as you get out of bed. It’s 5:30 AM. It’s time to start the day.

When You’re Awake

Like many people, I start off my day early, but not for the same reasons as most people. I get up early so that I can get some work done before the sun officially announces the start of a new day. Every morning I read one of my books and sometimes I go workout, but I always make sure to get some sort of work done. From writing a blog post to reading a project outline or watching an educational video, I make sure I have enough time to get some work done before I make my morning reward.

The Morning Reward

As the sun begins to peak up and the sky shifts from blue to a faint orange, I’m already heating up my kettle and grinding my beans by hand. At this point I’m already wide awake as I man-handle my grinder for about 90 seconds. I don’t make my morning reward to wake myself up, no no no I make it after I’ve managed to do something productive before the sun rises.

The First Sip

For many people, their first sip of coffee in the morning signifies the start of their day, for me, it signifies the accomplishment of my early morning duties and the 20-minute break that follows with it.

The Appreciation

For however long my cup of coffee lasts, I make sure to appreciate the warmness it brings me, the aroma it gives off, and the taste notes it has to offer when brewed to caffeinated perfection. I don’t need coffee to get my day going, but I appreciate what my cup tells me every morning, “Enjoy this present moment…and don’t let the coffee get too cold.”

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