The AeroPress

Yo what’s that?!

That’s an AeroPress. In simplest terms, it’s a device that is used to brew coffee and commonly used at home. But what’s the story behind this unique device?

Some History

The AeroPress was invented by renowned inventor, Alan Adler, the man who also invented the Aerobie Pro flying ring, that circular ring flying disc that you sometimes see at parks. In 2004, Alan began to study coffee brewing processes and methods and wanted to create a device that would make a superior cup of coffee. In November of 2005, at a coffee trade show, Aerobie showcased a new brewing device that would go on to invigorate the specialty coffee world, the AeroPress (AeroPress, 2019).

How it’s Used

Now I could go and explain how to use the AeroPress through this blog, but I think Alan Adler himself can explain it better than me as well as why he actually invented the AeroPress. Along with Adler’s video is an additional video of Ales Pospisil from ‘European Coffee Trip’ walking through how to make the AeroPress recipe that allowed Wendelien van Bunnik to win the 2019 World AeroPress Champion.

You can learn more about the AeroPress directly from the source.

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