Brewed Beginnings

I like women how I like my coffee, hot, pleasant, and lightly roasted of Ethiopian origin!

Myself, thinking up a witty quote but failing at it. We’re off to a great start aren’t we!

Hi there! I’m Dustin. I made this blog thing, The Stained Table, to talk about any and all things coffee related because, well, I like coffee! As of starting this, I’m currently still in university and I’m studying global business and marketing, but what I really want to do when I’m completely done with school is to open up my own coffee shop with my best friend.

What’s the Background & Purpose of this?

Oddly enough, I’m starting this blog because I have to do it for an assignment in one of my classes, but I’m glad that I’m essentially being forced to do this because starting a coffee blog…thing… has always been something that I’ve wanted to do for the past year or so, but I had no clear vision, no clear reason to start, and honestly, not enough motivation to do it.

How did this all officially begin?

Last year, I had sat down with two of my friends who enjoy coffee as much as I do and we were really considering making our own coffee blog to just discuss anything and everything related to coffee, but we could never figure out how to go about doing it or what our main focus was going to be.

Imagine our idea as a coffee carafe, our initial inspiration was our beans, and our coffee mugs were our action trigger to begin it. We let our coffee brew, let it drip into the carafe, but we never poured the coffee into our mugs and drank it. Our coffee just sat on the hotplate and we ended up forgetting about it. But now I’m back, and I’m taking my carafe off of the hot plate and pouring myself a long, possibly stale, cup of coffee and I’m chugging it down and getting to work!

So what the heck are the goals?

I want to use this blog to share stories, showcase coffee shops and roasters, share some thoughts and anything that I might’ve learned pertaining to coffee, and I also want to use this blog as an excuse to practice my content writing! (Plus I’m not letting that coffee in the carafe go to waste now!)

Now sip your coffee and enjoy this randomly weird coffee blog…thing. Yay!

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